Xsocial Networks Token Audit

Introduction: Welcome to the token audit of Xsocial Networks, a platform that invites users to join their community, grow their presence, and earn rewards. This audit aims to evaluate the security, functionality, and reliability of the X-AI token ecosystem.

Scope of Audit: This audit encompasses the X-AI token, its smart contract, and the associated features, including post creation, liking, commenting, and engagement with comments.

Methodology: Our audit methodology involves a thorough code review, manual testing, and security analysis of the X-AI token smart contract and its integrated functionalities.

Token Details:

  • Name: X-AI

  • Platform: Blockchain-based, utilizing smart contracts

Code Architecture: A detailed analysis of the X-AI smart contract code reveals its modular structure, with specific functions governing user interactions and rewards.

Analyzed Contracts: Token BEP-20, NFT Marketplace, NFT mint, Social Deposit/Withdraw, Game NFT, and Staking.

Functionality and User Features:

  • Community Joining: Users can register and become creators by clicking the "Become a Creator" button.

  • Earning Opportunities: Users can earn X-AI tokens by creating posts, liking posts, commenting on posts, and engaging with comments.

  • Cryptogaming: The platform offers opportunities to play and earn through cryptoclips.

Vulnerability Identification: Our audit identified potential vulnerabilities, including:

  • Code Logic: Ensuring code logic aligns with intended functionality.

  • Data Handling: Verifying secure handling of user interactions and rewards.

  • Permissions: Confirming proper access control to prevent unauthorized actions.

Recommendations and Solutions:

  • Implement secure code practices to prevent potential vulnerabilities.

  • Enhance user input validation to mitigate risks of malicious inputs.

  • Conduct comprehensive testing of all user interaction scenarios to ensure seamless functionality.

Security and Compliance: Our security analysis assesses the protection of user data, adherence to data privacy regulations, and mitigation of potential vulnerabilities.

Conclusion: The Xsocial Networks token audit highlights strengths in incentivizing user engagement. Recommendations provided aim to enhance security, protect user interactions, and fortify the overall functionality of the X-AI token ecosystem.

Audit Date: 2023-02-15

Auditors: Trust Inspect AI - Version: 1.0

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