BoredPepe Token Audit

Welcome to the token audit of BoredPepe, an innovative project aiming to establish a dynamic crypto ecosystem that empowers its community to shape the future of finance. This audit aims to thoroughly evaluate the security, functionality, and reliability of the BoredPepe Token ecosystem.

Audit Scope: This audit encompasses the BoredPepe Token, its smart contract, and its associated systems, including the stake system, multi-chain swap platform, and referral program.

Audit Methodology: Our audit methodology entails an in-depth code review, comprehensive manual testing, and meticulous security analysis of the BoredPepe Token smart contract and its integrated systems.

Token Information:

  • Token Name: BoredPepe Token

  • Platform: Blockchain-based, utilizing smart contracts

  • Code Architecture: Detailed examination of the BoredPepe Token smart contract code reveals a modular structure with specialized functions governing user interactions and rewards.

Stake System with Daily Rewards: BoredPepe introduces a staking mechanism offering varying levels of daily rewards to incentivize users to lock their tokens and earn rewards over time. This feature promotes community engagement and token stability.

Multi-chain Swap Platform: The platform introduces a multi-chain swap system, allowing users to seamlessly exchange cryptocurrencies across different blockchains. This functionality enhances accessibility and convenience for users seeking to diversify their crypto holdings.

Referral Program: BoredPepe integrates a referral program that rewards users for introducing new participants to the ecosystem. This approach encourages community growth and collaboration while expanding the reach of the platform.

Vulnerability Identification: Our audit identified potential vulnerabilities, including:

  • Unchecked State Changes: In some instances, the smart contract allows state changes without proper validations, potentially leading to unexpected behavior.

  • Front-running Vulnerability: The current contract structure might expose users to front-running attacks, where malicious actors exploit transaction sequencing to their advantage.

Recommendations and Solutions:

  • Implement strict state change validations to prevent unintended behavior and ensure data integrity.

  • Apply mechanisms to mitigate front-running attacks, safeguarding users' transactions from malicious manipulation.

Through these recommendations, we aim to enhance the security, functionality, and overall integrity of the BoredPepe ecosystem, contributing to a safer and more robust platform.

Audit Date: 2023-05-16

Auditors: Trust Inspect AI - Version: 1.0

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