Security Fixes

Here we showcase the vulnerabilities that have been identified and rectified in the contract, ensuring a safer and more reliable environment.

Explored Vulnerability

Reentrancy Attack

  • Possibility of malicious contracts repeatedly withdrawing funds before the previous transaction is completed. Solution: Implementing a state control mechanism to prevent repeated calls before the previous transaction is finalized.

Parameter Manipulation

  • Unauthorized alteration of critical parameters that control important contract functions. Solution: Implementing modifiers to verify the transaction's origin and limiting changes to specific contexts.

Overflow and Underflow

  • Mishandling of numeric values, leading to unexpected results or exploitation. Solution: Using secure math libraries and careful validation of arithmetic operations.

Lack of Access Control

  • Unauthorized access to sensitive contract functions by third parties. Solution: Implementing access modifiers to restrict the use of functions to authorized accounts only.

The vulnerabilities are categorized based on their risk levels, ranging from high to low. Each vulnerability was assessed, and appropriate measures were applied to mitigate risks and enhance the contract's security.

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